Due to disobedience, as an entity in Gods kingdom, we have been issued with a death penalty. We have 70 years, maybe more, maybe less, to plead our cause and make restitution. Earth is a Prison place, a remand. As remandees we have fewer restrictions placed on us than the convicted and condemed. There is a shield over the skies that prevents us from leaving.


The Earth is lawless as it contains the law-breakers, where the worse of Heaven are gathered, this is a dangerous place. Yeshua was given the keys to free and remove the Judgement from those that are currently in exile.


He asks us to follow him ; he cleans us ; he teaches us; gives us a home and a job. We are returned to the busy hub of the outer place, without the chain of gravity, our abilities and glory are restored.


Yeshua is our Lawyer and all that believe in him will be saved. The mob that has invested in their large cells, collects the greatest currency and have the weak at their 'beck and call' don't want the party to end. They feel important, more important than GOD, that's how they came to be here in the first place. They die bravely and they die forever.

... mankind behaves like this so that GOD may show them up for what they are, and expose them for the brute beasts they are to eachother.

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Wisdom is entirely constituted by the fulfilling of the Law.

WARNING: We are up to the 6th Trumpet

This is a guide only, everybody must make their own interpetation.